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The Rotary Club of Birmingham, England

‘The Rotary Club of Birmingham’ is the ‘Mother’ Club of Rotary in Birmingham. The Inaugural meeting of this club was held in 1913.

Interesting facts

  • There are now 15 Rotary Clubs in Birmingham;
  • 62 in District 1060 covering the West Midlands;
  • 1,700 Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland; and
  • 35,000 around the world in over 200 countries.


About Rotary

Rotary was formed in 1905 in Chicago, USA for the sole purpose of raising funds to help those in need. This is still its purpose today, raising funds for local, national and international charities. It is a non-political, non-religious humanitarian organization.

The charities that the Rotary Club of Birmingham supports currently on an annual basis include:

Amongst many others supported during 2019 were:



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