Sullithon 2020 cancelled

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of the Gilbert and Sullithon 2020. We have done this to concur with the Government’s declarations regarding behaviour during the Corona Virus pandemic.

We had considered delaying the Sullithon but the University could only offer a slot in August, which would be difficult on several counts. There may still be repercussions from the current situation and even if not, August is usually a busy holiday month. We have therefore reluctantly come to the decision given above.

The Sullithon committee are all in the “elderly” – ie: over 70 category, (although we don’t feel it) and face an uncertain period of self-isolation. Also the Sullithon would be a “mass gathering”, so we’re clobbered in two ways.

Those participants who have paid their Registration Fee will be refunded. In order to do this, please let us know as soon as possible whether you want a cheque or payment into your Bank Account.

Thank you for your interest in the Sullithon. We are so sorry that we won’t be able to pull it off this year.

We wish you all the best in these unprecedented times.


Philip Lovell, Chairman
Kathlyn Lovell, Secretary
Vivienne Wilkes, Birmingham Rotary President